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Originally Posted by Mike2228 View Post
I went through some tough emotional and mental issues about 5 or 6 years back and my life changed dramatically. Before the issues I was in the gym 5-7 days a week, mountain biking all the time and hiking a ton too. I was also holding down a fairly physical job. I weighed 150 pounds soaking wet at 5 foot 11. After the issues I became depressed and sedentary and literally more than doubled my body weight. At my biggest I was up in the mid 330's. Since Jan 1st I've dropped my weight to about 303. My goal is to drop at least a 130 pounds more.

I dropped the weight pretty much with an adjusted diet. With this winter having been so snowy and so cold I couldn't get out much to walk. But so far this week I've probably put in 10 miles walking and 3 miles on my bike. Eventually when I get some weight off my knees I'll try to do some jogging.

I just had to share that. I'll check in occasionally with progress.
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