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Originally Posted by raging View Post
I agree on your view of RPT, realise you have a vested interest as a member/tutor, while still working for the LTA!
I will be moonlighting at a few conferences this year...
Don't know if I am ready to go over to "The Dark Side".
LTA definitely can't offer any more on the technical side.
I am not saying they don't have coaches that can offer this, just that it is not offered as a course.
Hey Raging - yes I was heavily involved with the RPT for many years before taking my new role, however I no longer tutor their courses on a regular basis (although I did present at the RPT conference and will hopefully do so again). I think the coach education landscape has shifted in the UK since I have been involved with the RPT, whilst previously there probably was and "US" vs "Them" mentality (the Dark Side as you call it!), now there are many coach ed providers offering the core Level 1, 2 and 3 courses with their own particular flavour. The RPT CPD courses are probably still more technically focussed across the board, but there are excellent technical courses from others too, like Evolve 9 or the LTA's 10u course etc. For me, the very best coaches will take all the opportunities for learning they can and put provider bias to one side.

There is also the Wheelchair Tennis One Day course, which is undoubtedly the best CPD course available anywhere in the world (but of course here I am really biased )

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