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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
I hope you are not referring to me as I don't believe I've done that. I do believe that there is at least a one-way relationship between the two as almost all low carb diets tend to be gluten free, but you can certainly eat gluten free without eating what I would describe as a low carb diet.

However for many people, gluten containing foods tend to be a large part of their total caloric intake and when you cut them out and get those calories from other sources those people often end up eating fewer carb calories as a percentage of their total calories than before, or what might be referred to as a lower carb diet. Just my $.02 and feel free to disagree.
That is true for the purposes of this thread, that is: dabbling in cutting down on gluten... just because. For them, the two are, from a practical sense, identical.

My point was that for those with actual celiac disease, since they seek out gluten free carbs, they can have normal or even high carb diets yet remain gluten free.
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