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My assumption would be a coach would have you on the team if you are better than some of the players already on the team, and you are eligible to play. There are rules you must meet when you transfer from one school to another before you are eligible by NCAA rules. In your case your best bet would probably be to look at schools playing DIII, or lower DII. It's not that a coach would not consider a transfer, but there is going to have to be something about you that makes the coach think you will be at least as good as the players he has now, and as I said, you would be eligible to play. If you are good, go out and beat good players in tournaments, are better than some of the guys on the team, and are elgible to play, there could be hope. My guess is all that is not likely though. Players have a tendency to over estimate their ability levels when they are not out playing tournaments against good players all the time.
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