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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
How precisely can you control the tensions of the mains and crosses when they are different when using one piece stringing? It seems there would be some slippage around the friction point where you transition from mains to crosses causing the higher tension string to go down slightly and the lower tension string to go up slightly.
I agree with diredesire. I have heard that the USRSA made some lab type experiments and says you can do proportional stringing and the tension will not 'slip' from string to string. I ran my own test when questioned about the starting method I used for one piece stringing. When I pulled 58 lb tension on one string the tension on the connected string was 46 lb. that is about a 20% difference. If you are talking about a couple of pounds difference between two connected strings in a racket there is no possible way you can overcome the frame surface friction and have slippage.

My guess is if you want to string your crosses +/- 5 lbs different from the mains using one string it should work. BUT from reading the article by Tim in the last RSI magazine he said that pro players are notorious for tugging on the two outside mains. When they tug on those strings they will be more tension applied to the string and one may be slightly different than the other. Therefore I am with Tim two piece stringing is best.
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