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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
CB, TM, Paulman.....

Anyone up for a Mini-meet Saturday afternoon? I'm hitting with Dats Saturday, figure the more the merrier.

I can hit after 2pm.

I'm open to suggestions for locations. Maybe Lewinsville park in McLean?
Striker, looks promising! They even have some bball courts there that Dats and I can show off our declining ball skills...hahaha

Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
geez i was thinking wakefield or towers would be greatl! :P
are there any tennis courts near Plaka Grill? i could totally go for that after some tennis!
wait a minute... sappy isn't around??? gawdblamit! who's gonna chow down with me during or after this meetup? the dats gets HUNGRY! (and thirsty!)

p.s. - i am on day 6 of my "30day gym challenge"! i keep flexing for jwoww but so far she is not impressed! i guess i gotta keep goin! i've dropped from 213 to 205.5 but need to keep going! GO DATS GO!
Dats, Plaka shouldn't be too far from those courts right? Cunningham Park, where a few of us play, is quite close to Plaka as well. I'd be up to chowing down and having a few brews afterwards, if I indeed can get out there...

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