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Every time I went to cutout durafluxx I said let me give it one more go. So I took it out and said hmmm. Little better spin. Better control. Nice pocketing. Hmm.

Got home and was gonna cut it out and said nah one more outing. Well u see where I am going with this.

I definitely started this string too tight and it plays better every time out. had to play a match on clay yesterday and didn't want to use the multi strings so I brought out mr durafluxx and absolutely loved it. Won my match. I want to say now I even like it better than tour status but I believe I need to lower also on the tour status. I hit again today and going on about six or so hours of hitting and play and going strong.

I have one more set but I may be getting a reel of this string. My apologies to durafluxx for judging improperly on first impression. I would say that I may string at the same just knowing I need to let it settle because I am realllyyyyy liking this string.
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