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While her movement may be deteriorating with age, her serve and focus have only gotten sharper. So I believe it's very possible that she can maintain a high level of play for several more years. The say that a tiger sensing its end is at its fiercest, after all.
Exactly and in several more years Maria will likely be nothing, and unable to capatilize on his long time nemisis reaching her twilight. A 29 year old Maria who started on top at 17 still a major contender, not a chance. She isnt Navratilova, Serena, or Court, the only players who started as contenders as teenagers (if you are being super generous to Nav) and extended into their 30s. Azarenka will probably still be going strong then unfortunately though and be able to milk some easy slams to the ones she will have already won by then with Serena fading or retired.
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