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For those of you looking for backup setups:

Gosen OGSM 1.23 x MSV Co-Focus 1.18 @ 44 x 40 lbs

I'm currently playing with Pac x CoF @ 48x44, and tried this setup about a year ago at 52x48 -- hated it.

But after reading a thread on syngut mains x poly crosses and one on ELT where syngut @ 35 has been getting rave reviews, I decided to give it another try -- albeit considerably looser strung. Now that outdoor season is beginning where I live, I need a reliable backup setup that can handle moisture and the occasional puddle.

I have to say that off the bat I was much more impressed than the last time. A year ago there was no feel, no power, and no spin. Eight pounds looser and the difference was considerable: it was much more comparable to my usual setup, probably 90% of the power, 85% of the spin, albeit 75% of the feel. No string movement, and it seems arm-friendly.

For an occasional backup stick when there's inclement weather, not bad at all. It seems to be solid and reliable, and I didn't mind at all playing long stretches with it.

I'm now tempted to give Isospeed Energetic 1.20 x CoF another shot as well to compare. But I'm certainly content enough to stick with this for a while.
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