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Default Wilson Rush Pro Shoe Playtest

Tennis experience/background:
I was always a Football, Baseball and Basketball Player so I didn't start Tennis until I was around age 40. I'm self taught and a natural athlete, so I caught on quite fast. I learned how to hit heavy Topspin by watching the Pros and then hitting against a wall for an hour.

Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley):
I'm a base-liner that uses heavy shots to gain advantage for mid court put aways or at the net finishes. I use my quick reflexes for doubles at the net where I find myself much more in doubles than singles.

Current shoe:
Asics Challengers.

How many hours did you play with the shoe?
25 hours

Comments on shoe performance:
Very comfortable for me, no break in required.

-arch support:
Works well for my feet, no issues.

Stable for me and no support issues.

It's been around 80 degrees and they do feel a little on the warm side. Could be an issue with our 100 plus summers.

-sole durability:
So far they look like they will be fairly durable.

-toe durability:
Not a toe dragger so that's never an issue for me. They seem to have extra rubber there.

We have rough textured courts so traction has been good. Not sure how they would do on Winter Courts.

They are just a little bit heavier than my current shoe, but for some reason feel heavier than the true weight difference.

General reaction/comments on overall performance:
Over all a good shoe with pricing that's not bad if you can wear them out for the warranty trade in. Now that I'm 55 I'm starting to lean towards lighter shoes for speed, so these would be a little heavier in my size 13's than I would want to use on a daily basis.

Thanks to Tennis Warehouse for the generous opportunity to not only test but to keep these shoes. Much appreciated!
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