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Will be playing my first match of the 2013 Spring Season at 9:30 this morning (rescheduled from 4:30 pm due to cancellation by a different opponent -- which is one reason why I really like the flex league format).

Yeah, I know it's late, but I had a really long nap earlier and can't sleep now. I'll only need a couple hours more sleep for this, as I'm very excited about this, being my first match of the season and all.

Will try to have some video snippets of the match play posted here by late afternoon, early evening.

I'm playing a guy who's a middling 3.5 who beat me 10-3 in a pro set in our only previous encounter (in the playoffs of the 2012 Fall Season -- he went on to win the 3.0 - 3.5 championship for that season). He's a big guy with nice stroke technique (but doesn't hit anything particularly hard) and great stamina (oh yeah, and he's about 35 years younger than me), but I think if I'm smart about it I might be able to do at least a little better than last time by exploiting what I see as certain movement/mobility deficiencies (which strategy is, I think, perhaps ironically, a significant part of why/how he beat me in our first match).

I hope it's at least somewhat interesting and fairly close and that I don't just sort of fold up the tent mentally because of my current sub par physical condition. However, again perhaps somewhat ironically, I draw inspiriation (rather than embarrassment) from the fact that he beat me 10-3 while he was limping the entire match on an obviously injured ankle. Ya gotta love that competitive spirit, although I must say that it worried me that maybe he shouldn't have been playing on that ankle. But he won, and went on to win the trophy for that season, and he's playing now apparently fully healed and healthy.

Bottom line, I think, is that he's really just basically a better, more solid player than I am. So, wish me luck, 'cause I'm gonna need it. I'm just gonna think positive, relax, keep a clear and calm mind, play fairly and have fun. But I really do want to win.
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