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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
^^^I always say when describing that Cup-winning game, "It was the loudest sound I have ever heard humans make!".

First of all, the game was on a sweltering (90 degrees plus F) Saturday afternoon. Nassau Colosseum is not suitable for that kind of heat. Secondly, the Isles took a 3-1 lead into the third period but quickly squandered that lead on goals in the first two minutes. The last 18 minutes of regulation and the entire OT was end-to-end rushes from both teams. Billy Smith made save after save to keep us in it before Bobby Nystrom, an original Isle, finally beat Pelle Lindbergh on a brilliant pass from John Tonelli. BEDLAM!!!

Easily, the most excitement I've ever experienced at a sporting event!
That must of been amazing! How old were you at the time? I suppose growing up with all that success must of made the time since be very disappointing, being a fan for 18 years, at least i'm used to going nowhere coming 26th out of 30 for the last two years feels normal for me!
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