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Originally Posted by PED View Post
I think the difference is that Beckham left and has won Championships (not that the MLS is really a championship but La Liga is) everywhere that he's gone. The rest all flourished at Manchester but never plied their trade elsewhere (later on). How good would Giggs have been in Italy when Inter was looking at him in 2002? Would the Inter manager have used the patient approach that Fergie has to maximize his later years?

He's certainly accomplished much more than say Steven Gerrard ever did at Liverpool.

You just never know when you move abroad to play: Michael Owen anyone? that ultimately is the risk for Bale I think.

I also realize that I'm viewing him from an American perspective.

Most Brits seem to hate him and I can understand that but to me, he's a typical American sports star in his approach to life so he doesn't seem different.
Beckham may have more money and more trophies yes. But Gerrard is by far the better player. He has been loyal to his club and by playing brilliantly in many games has won important trophies for Liverpool. So I would say Gerrard has accomplished more in terms of playing brilliant football for Liverpool than Beckham did for ManUtd.

Also if the England team had been built around Gerrard instead of Beckham, I am sure England would have at least got to a final of a major Cup competition. Look at what Beckham is most famous for, scoring a freekick against Greece after at least 10 attempts. If Gerrard had been allowed to take one, I promise you he would have scored quicker.

Beckham's career is all hype.

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