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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Becks is popular because the females think he's got the good looks.

It's also worth noting that when England play the long-ball-hoof-it-forward game, he's the best there is at providing that said long ball. His aerial passing and freekicks are still second to none. England spent ages perfecting the long ball tactic, and Beckham is to show for it. He's the epitome of what England have been doing internationally for the past 30 years.

I do admire his professionalism, though. Whenever he plays for England, you can tell he's not only giving it his all, but that he actually wants to be there. I can't say that for practically anyone else who's suited up for England since I've started watching football. (see Ferdinand, Rio)

With that being said, he wasn't signed JUST to sell shirts, he could actually be X factor when they play away to Barcelona....think about it, he'll sit really deep, help defend as best he can, and when there's an opportunity to hit Barcelona on the break (because if you're not Real Madrid, chances are you don't have the talent to take the game to them), he's got the accuracy to drop a 60 yard pass to Zlatan who will do the rest of the work. Yeah it's not pretty but if it gets the job done then it gets the job done.
The highlighted bit I agree with. And he definitely cares about playing for his country as opposed to Rio, but apart from that I completely disagree.

Did you actually see the PSG game? This is what I said on the previous page, and the majority of people who understand football agree with me.
"Honestly Beckham is an absolute joke now. After 20 mins he stood just outside the penalty area lolloping around, playing (accurate it must be said) long balls. Whenever he did run after someone they got away, and he was eventually booked for fouling.

Oh, and yes, as soon as he went off PSG scored 2 goals. If they had started without Beckham, I think they would have won, they looked good."

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