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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I've seen that game on vhs many times it must of been amazing to be there in person! Hockey isn't popular at all over here in the UK, the only coverage we get is on a poor tv channel and they only show the top teams. I keep up with them through streams online, it's not ideal but it works.

A friend had NHL '94 on the Sega, I always used to beat him on it so he would only play against me if I went with a "bad" team, I always went with the Islanders and it just grew from there

As for the playoffs this year, it's still a big ask! As much as i'd like to beat the Rangers to the 8th spot, i've got a feeling it could be New Jersey we need to stop.
I can totally relate. The only reason I started rooting for the KC Chiefs (NFL) was because I would use Christian the Nigerian Nightmare Okoye in Super Tecmo Bowl. Ive liked the team ever since.

And they expect me to start rooting for the Ravens just becuase they move into town and try to strongarm the baseball team. no way.

Originally Posted by jester911 View Post
Braves are the real deal this year sports fans.
Yea they might be. But Washington is deservedly the favorite to win the division.
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