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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
You're so predictable, Dan. Most of the US Pros that Gonzales won had strong fields, players like Budge, Segura and Hoad, also Sedgman in a couple of years as well. It's funny that you don't mention that the 1959 world pro tour was a 4-man tour (Gonzales, Hoad, Cooper, Anderson), whereas you do mention it for 1954.
The 1954 tour was a true round-robin, where every player played each other the same number of times.

In 1959, Hoad and Gonzales played each other 28 times, Cooper and Anderson played each other 27 times (they played one match less than the two veteran headliners), but Hoad played Cooper only 20 times, and Gonzales played Anderson 20 times, Hoad played Anderson only 14 times and Gonzales played Cooper 14 times.
Thus, each stop on the tour was provided with a Hoad/Gonzales match which headlined the stop, and gave the impression of a head-to-head between the top two players in the world.
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