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Stepping back from the microanalysis, and going on a macro view of how it is used. Prepping for a local club tournament next week, if I can stop injuring myself. Played an entire set today. Protecting the right calf a bit, and I'm getting that walking wounded look again. Managed to tweak my left quadriceps today (facepalm).

I do notice that when the ball is hit deep center, I lean back and hit it off my back foot. Drives me nuts looking at it. Other than that, forehand placement seems OK, just lacks weight behind it.

Also need to learn to start strong, I seem to warm up after 2 games. Took a few games to get used to the lefty ball as well.

Lost 6-4, with a break point conversion of something like 1/5. 2 of which I went nuts and tried to hit a runaround forehand winner off a second serve (lefty, which I found jams you if you don't run around enough). If you make it to the end, I discover that the chip and charge works on this guy in the ad court. Unfortunately he closed me out with 2 consecutive aces. Grrr...

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