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Originally Posted by DaveInBradenton View Post
Define "hollow". I don't think I've seen this term used in a racket review before.

Is "hollow" good or bad? What's the synonym?

Are Vortex rackets "arm friendly"?

Hollow means empty space inside the racquet . The opposite of solid .

Donnay for example came out with a racquet that injects a substance to make it solid . Some other use "solid core " technology but I forget which company?

The old Sampras racquet also felt completely solid with no emptiness inside .

Hollow is neither good or bad's what you like .

I like a solid feeling racquet rather than a racquet that feels flimsy and is about to break in your hand .

Solid racquets are heavier than hollow ones so there is less maneuverability with a solid racquet. However a solid racquet deliver a much bigger punch and you can rip the felt off the ball.

Federer and Novak and Murray all play with solid racquets . Nadals racquet however is a bit on the hollow side but not nearly as hollow as compared to the 99s or the 100s.

The tour vortex racquets are Solid while the ES versions are extremely hollow.

I find them all to be arm friendly.
"Federer has to beat Nadal(if he wants) to be considered the greatest ever, certainly in my book." Pete Sampras

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