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Ok, played the match this morning. It was a comedy of errors. Quite possibly the worst match I've ever played since being able to hit the ball with any degree of proficiency.

Lost 6-0, 6-2 but it was a lot closer than that score indicates. Hahahahaha. Ok, but seriously there was only one actual winner hit in the whole match. Therefore, for one of us, I won't say who, the unforced error to winner ratio was mathematically undefined (which is, I think, indicative of an extremely low level of tennis). There were several points that went to many many deuces as we were trying to outdo each other in how bad we could play. This was, at best, maybe 2.5 level tennis.

But I accomplished two things that I wanted to. First, I showed up and played the whole match, and second I played to a point which was, for me, physically uncomfortable. So the experience will help me to grow. It's a long season so stay tuned.

Video snippets of today's match later today.
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