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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I can totally relate. The only reason I started rooting for the KC Chiefs (NFL) was because I would use Christian the Nigerian Nightmare Okoye in Super Tecmo Bowl. Ive liked the team ever since.

And they expect me to start rooting for the Ravens just becuase they move into town and try to strongarm the baseball team. no way.
It is strange, the reasons you end up taking to teams

Islanders are my hockey team, Spurs basketball, and Seahawks football. People always think they're a strange bunch, all from different parts of the Country, not exactly the most glamorous, tough to find on tv over here etc..

Most people in the UK seem to follow the Maple Leafs/Penguins, Lakers/Bulls and Packers/Patriots as those are the teams that get shown on tv, oh and the fact they win alot helps too
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