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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
That must of been amazing! How old were you at the time? I suppose growing up with all that success must of made the time since be very disappointing, being a fan for 18 years, at least i'm used to going nowhere coming 26th out of 30 for the last two years feels normal for me!
I am a contemporary of many of the guys on that team and actually "bent the elbow" at a club or two in nearby Westbury with a few of them during their reign...very salt-of-the-earth, unpretentious company.

Yeah, the last three decades have been a bit hard to swallow but I live in Florida and got caught up in Lightning fever briefly before the season-long lockout. My enthusiasm kinda went away after that debacle and this year's version reinforced my ennui. I still love the sport but the business side of it is beyond ridiculous. Still, there's nothing like a live game and rattling boards, sparking skates and guys rushing to the bench almost blue from oxygen don't get that from watching on TV!
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