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We're going to be at the tournament for three days, probably, the remainder of the time touristing around (our first time in NY). We're trying to figure out which days to go to the tournament...we weren't planning on buying tickets to AA, don't like the giant stadiums. Thinking about going to the tournament on Thurs/Fri/Sat - hoping a little less crowded during the week, and going through the third round means still a ton of matches to choose from on all the non-AA courts.

Reasonable strategy? We are doubles fans, and frequently spend a lot of our tournament time on the dubs match courts - can we assume that those matches will be on court on the days we'll be going?

I usually bring a backpack when I go to other tournaments...I assume that's the same long wait to get searched as my wife's purse would be? Bummer...this year at Indian Wells they were moving people through the backpack search amazingly quickly.

I'm a trail mix kinda guy, myself, but agree with the pockets full of food and water bottle, that's our standard approach. Also have my mini gel seat pad, which makes life in the bleachers so much more bearable, and nicely folds into a small size for carrying.

My wife is surfing AirBnB looking for a place in Midtown-ish, and keeps saying things like "Sixth floor and no elevator?!?" indignantly.

Hmm...she found a very nice apartment in Chelsea. Artsy town.
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