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All credit to Basle who surprised and impressed. Liked how they played. Really went after the ball, hustled and pressed. Incisive, fast and dangerous. Excellent fast little technical players. Stocker and Sahla looked superb. That I can't quite pinpoint exactly just how good the Swiss team are is due to one small thing... Spurs were absolutely woeful.

The stand out performance in terms of being the worst example was Gallas. As soon as I saw he was playing I feared the worst. Most THFC fans have felt for a long time that Gallas is a liability, an accident waiting to happen. He was dire.

Dembele and maybe Holtby and Siggi (both playing in not their preferred positions) apart, we were very poor. Ade was his usual waste of space self. Parker has probably earned himself a new nickname among the Spurs faithful to Paul "miss of the season" Parker. Assou-Ekkoto was toasted time and again. Bale and Verts (playing in not his best position) both had off days.

Well, Arsenal etc must be licking their lips at the piling of pressure that has alighted on AVB and Spurs, especially Bale's injury. Yesterday though, before that incident, it was evident that the lack of depth and talent, and the resultant rejigging utilising players in weird positions (Holtby, Vertonghen, Siggi) and using players like WG who are well past their sell by date, is undoing us. Sandro is also a massive miss with his injury ruined season. Seeing at how we struggled for such long periods against Swansea, and the games prior to that like the Inter fiasco, Liverpool, etc, this is clearly a long-standing issue.

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