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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
I'm hoping more for a better roster and better career mode in TS5.

TS4 is still fun sometimes, especially after some time away. I would love to see 30+ ATP pros in the next version, and a career mode with injuries and a full annual schedule that you have to manage. It would also be sweet to see more venues.
I still love playing this game, just went back and started a fresh career on very hard. The jump in difficulty in the finals of masters/grand slams gets me though, so I just drop it back to hard.

Likewise, I hope the next version has more pros. And flushes out the recurring dead wood like Blake and Roddick. Definetly needs an injury component. And a better implemented Davis Cup.

Also, i would like to see ATP players and AI players either jump or decline in ratings over their careers, rather than stay the same forever. Ewan McLeod is set for eternal mediocrity.
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