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I've had a history of TE but love poly. I played poly in the mid -low 40's and even as low as mid 30's but still couldn't shake the TE. I was forced to play full gut for a while and eventually worked my way back to gut hybrids (with some minor discomfort).

I then discovered the Wilson shockshield grips. I strung a full bed of poly at 45lb and with old school leather power pads (and the new grip) in my Pro Tour - no problems at all. Carried on this way for a while until I swtiched to the dark side APD 2013 - but kept the same setup.

Even with a much. much stiffer frame - no elbow issues!!

I still do my wrist exercises to strengthen, stretch my elbow tendons but if I'm honest - I think it is down to the grip.

Worth a shot?
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