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After seeing this thread I went over to their website & checked out the offerings. I like that they have 'introductory offers' that allow you to try a set or two (or four, in my case) at a reduced rate.

I'll be putting the Firewire as a cross w/ my gut mains and will compare to Co. Focus. I also coach a high school girls team, and will put the Tour Status and Durafluxx in their racquets & have them compare to Tour Bite / Focus Hex.

I don't normally use multis, but for $5 more I figured why not? So I'll have a set of Triumph to test as well. My only complaint is they don't have Triumph in a thinner gauge. It's 16 (1.30mm) only, and I usually put 17g synthetics as a cross to polys. But, as a full multi, I guess 16 is probably more durable.
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