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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
Haha, I wish McEachran was the answer! Players of quality in his position don't grow on trees, even getting them through the transfer market is very costly and they are always in demand. We saw with Modric (who is good, but there are certainly better examples of him out there), teams like City, Chelsea, Utd and Madrid were all fighting over him, his price was £45 Million at the peak of the interest in him, it's crazy.

Hopefully Lewis Baker in the youth team is the one to come through, people describe him as being similar to Iniesta and Cazorla. When i've seen him, he reminds me more of Marchisio. Both are converted strikers into central midfielders, so maybe that's why.

As for Basel last night, it didn't surprise me they got a good result last night. They have had a good few seasons in the Champions League in the recent past, although that inevitably lead to them selling two of their best players (Shaqiri and Xhaka). It will be interesting to see the away leg, at least with Chelsea kicking off in Russia at 5, i'll be able to see Spurs on after i'm not liking all the games being on at the same time!
The huge irony for me was that Basle were playing exactly as I think AVB wants us to play but can't yet as we don't have the players - i.e., high pressing game, dynamic attacking play coming from many angles, etc.
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