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Default Volkl V Torque 17g play Test

3.5 player. play both single and double. 2 hand backhand. topspin both wing.
Tension used for playtest: Strung at 53 main/51 cross on lockout machine.
Regular string set up: aero pro drive original, PSGD main 55lbs, natural gut cross 55 lbs.
Power: This string provides more power than I would like. I have to shorten my swing to keep the ball in court. The extra power might be good for play with compact swing.
Feel: below average. I used this string in wall hitting, drill, singles, doubles, hard court and Har tru, the feel is kind of off for me. In volley, it makes a ping sound even with a dampener. overall, cannot really feel the ball.
Spin: below average, not impressed. I hit most shots with topspin but this string doesn't provide enough spin. Normally I can see the ball jump up in har tru when hit with good brush up, but it did not happen with this string. Combined with the power it provides, I hit a lot of shots long if I take a full swing on it.
Comfort: feel elbow uncomfortableness after each test session. I string in lower 50 and it is not comfortable at all. I played about 12 hours over two plus weeks to get a good review of this string. I have to stop playing it because the elbow uncomfortableness.
Durability: Good. no problem there.
Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the playability changed over time): After playing 12 hours over 2 weeks of time, it feels the same. The playbility and tension maintenance seems all fine.
Control(predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): below average. This might be one of the big disappointment to me for this string in addition to the elbow. The control is not good and I cannot hit confidentially with this string. It is not easy to change direction in rally to put the ball where I want to. As state above, I also do not have confidence in depth of my shot.
Compare to the string you use most often: It fall short in following area, comfort, control, spin. I cannot play with this string confidentially during a game situation. I have to shorten my swing and once that happening, my game is off.
Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): I believe the tension I have put on is good for full poly. This is a powerful string and I don't think I can lower the tension. Because it is stiff and I felt the elbow uncomfortableness after each test session, I definitely will not string tighter.
Final Thoughts: This string is a bit of disappointment to me. It might work in two scenarios. One is for player with short swing and do not hit with much spin. The power this string provide will make those shots easy to hit. Second, this string might work as hybrid with multi in up 50 lbs. That might provide good control and power, and also easier to the elbow. It might even provide more spin if play able to hit full swing.

Thanks for TW to include me for play testing.
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