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After a week of testing the Tour Bite to Firewire and besides the abundant amount of spin they produce, I must say the these two strings are very different in many aspects.

Strings were all strung at 58 lbs full bed (to compensate tension loss which brings it down closer to low-mid 50lbs). Played at approx 5 hours of hard hitting warm ups and singles play. Here are my findings:

Tour Bite: crispier, stiffer, little more control, slightly more durable, spin generation was better but gradually fades as edges wear down but not out, less power, less comfort, slightly better holding tension.

Firewire: softer, better ball pocketing, livelier and more pop, powerful (but manageable), tad bit less durable but excellent durability for more comfortable poly, spin generation was very consistant thru out life of string, minimal edge wear, gave a bigger sweet spot.

Both strings are excellent newer generation polys, and it all comes down to personal preference to match your playing style w/ your racquet and string. But for me, Firewire has my vote b/c of the consistancy of its spin generation through out its life. I've tamed the power by putting it in a hybrid w/ Bomber NYC (similar to SPPP). Tour Bite's spin is crazy freshly strung, but a handful of hours in, the edges wears down a little bit and spin decreased causing you to adjust your swing. Firewire's ball pocketing is excellent creating a heavier ball. Also the nice red color gives my racquet a nice hot color! Ha!

Happy playing.
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