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Hi, thank very much for all the suggestions and advices
I lowered the string tension from 58 to 52 (Isospeed 17L poly), and it felt really better! The power and even the control had increased. From what I know, a higher string tension should give more control, but it was the opposite. Lowering the tension to 52 felt like I can direct the ball much better with more power (the speed and power of the ball that I'm looking for!) compared with the string tension of 58.

I think I don't want to replace my LM Radical MP, but If I were to replace it (since my rackets are really old and worn out already), I think I want now a racket that is almost exactly like the LM Radical MP (a little heavier is ok, but now lighter). I know that this racket is still available, but I just want a newer model with a new look if I were to buy a new pair
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