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Profile 34 year old male. 6' 165 lbs. Solid 1st serve with kicker thrown in for 2nd and variety on 1st. Counter puncher but love to hit big forehand. Both 2 hand backhand and slice backhand. High School tennis coach and private lesson instructor.

Tension used for playtest 58# on both Mains/Cross. 2 piece string job

Regular string set up Beast XP is my main string and recently I hybrid it with Gosen Micro Sheep

Racquet brand and model used for test Prince Ozone Tour 16X18

Power of test string The power was just about perfect for my needs. A good balance of control/spin/power is important to me. I maybe will sacrifice a little power for more spin from a string but I feel like I didn't have to with the Torque. The power rating was about a 7 which is exactly what fits my need.

Feel Tied for main highlight (see spin). The feel was amazing to me. I first took the string out and hit on a wall before a lesson. I had anticipated using another racquet for the lesson but continued with this setup for my lesson after the feel I got from hitting on the wall. The feel was crisp! Just stiff enough for control but soft enough to feel the ball. The grip or bite on the ball was absolutely perfect. Not too much where I felt like it was staying on too long and losing power, but just enough to hold and create adequate spin. Best feeling string I have experienced in years!

Spin Awesome. I've been looking for a string like this. Its not so textured that it feels like playing with barb wire, but it has the little groves that provide just the right amount of bite without creating too much spin. Can't say enough about the spin. Perfect again for my needs. I did read another early review that said the tester was getting more kick to the serve. I didn't notice MORE kick to my serve but the same. Where I noticed the perfect amount of spin was on my groundstrokes.

Comfort 10/10 here. Like I mentioned above in feel, I usually change racquets between hitting sessions, matches, rallying, and feeding balls for lessons. After just a short time hitting on the wall I kept using this setup to feed balls at my lesson the first trip out because the comfort and feel were great. No arm problems at all since its a softer poly. It was comfortable in all ways I utilized it.

Durability I wish I didn't have to fill in this section yet. I want to/am going to buy another set. I started the string with about 30 minutes on a wall. Fed balls/light rallying for a 1 hour lesson. Used the same set up for a one hour match and another lesson. Rallied for about 30 minutes and then played a tie breaker. Warmed up for a tiebreaker and got 3 points in and.... pop! So the string busted after about 4-5 hours of various use. This is very surprising to me because I don't break strings. It's also odd because the string broke outside the frame which usually means miss-hit but it was a clean shot when it broke. Again I am not a big string breaker but a few things could have contributed to the early break. The match I played was against a bigger hitter than I normally play with, I was hitting a bit harder and with more spin because the string was giving me the confidence to do so, and the string broke outside of frame (throat area) which is odd. However, the other hours with the string were light ball feeding. So again, I was so impressed with the string that I want to string it up again now. I'm convinced by the playing results that this is my new string regardless of the early/odd snapping.

Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the play-ability changed over time) I didn't notice any drop off in play-ability but it didn't last me that long (see above). I have noticed other strings I tried dropped off early, but no sign in this one.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) Slice backhand was great, 2 handed backhand was adequate, and forehand trajectory was normal for newer poly. Serve control side to side was normal. Volleys were crisp and to the aiming spot. Very good performance in the control area.

Compare to the string you use most often Similar but not same feel as Beast XP. A little softer which was good. Reminded me a bit like Red Code which I have used often. But the spin took this string above my past experiences with Beast XP/Red Code. Beast XP has ok spin for me.... Torque has perfect spin/power combo for me.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I would stay at 58# maybe bump up 1-2 just because I'm one of those odd people that like tight poly.

List any final thoughts. I'm 99% sure this is my new string. It felt great from the time I took it out of the package. Stringing it was a breeze. The early wall session was nice and the lesson use of feeding and light rallys was a good fit. The match I played and the few tiebreakers I used it for were great. I have been testing out alot of different strings/racquets lately and I couldn't be more impressed with this string. I'm going to put it in a few other racquets that I'm using.

Also, I have been hybriding polys for 2 reasons: soften the overall feel and cut cost. I don't think I'll have to do this with Torque. Its already soft enough while being crisp to provide feel. The cost at around $10 seems fine with me since I string my own. Finally the color was fine. I have no problem using neon green.

THANK YOU TW and Volkl for allowing me to test the string! I'm in!!!
Classic racquet with new tech strings
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