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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
At the US Pros in Cleveland:

1952 had Segura, Gonzales, Budge and Kovacs
1953 had Gonzales, Budge, Riggs and Kovacs
1954 had Gonzales, Sedgman, Segura, Budge, Kovacs and Riggs
1955 had Gonzales, Segura, Kovacs, Riggs, Parker, Budge and Perry
1956 had Gonzales, Segura, Trabert, Hartwig, Parker and Kovacs
1957 had Gonzales, Segura, Rosewall, Trabert, Riggs, Parker and Kovacs
1958 had Gonzales, Hoad, Segura, Trabert, Riggs and Parker
1959 had Gonzales, Hoad, Segura, Cooper, Anderson, Riggs and Parker
1960 had Olmedo, Trabert, Segura, Cooper and Parker
1961 had Gonzales, Sedgman, Gimeno and MacKay
1962 had Buchholz, Segura and MacKay

The 1959 World Pro Tour was a 4-man tour, and Gonzales won it.

Results of the 1959 World Pro Tour
1. Pancho Gonzales 47-15
2. Lew Hoad 42-20
3. Ashley Cooper 21-40
4. Mal Anderson 13-48
Here we go again.
The Cleveland fields were clearly weaker than the Australian Pro.
What you have here are the American tour players en route through Cleveland, no depth in the field, plus some old-timers like Budge, Riggs Kovacs, Parker along for the ride.

As I stated above, the preponderance of matches on the 1959 4-man tour consisted of two series, the Hoad/Gonzales series (won by Hoad 15 to 13) and the Cooper/Anderson series (won by Cooper nineteen to eight).

The year-long world tournament championship for 1959 was won by Hoad, with 6 tournament wins, and Gonzales second with 4 tournament wins.

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