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Originally Posted by BalboaNoah View Post
i use the tour 95 and love it, too. i've tried the 99s, and without intending to influence your playtest feelings either way on the 99s:

the tour 95 is much more solid and comfortable, especially when shanking a ball. the 99s hits a naturally loopier ball than the tour 95. the 99s slices well like the tour 95, but i feel that the tour 95 is more versatile in that it outputs what you put in. if you heavy topspin it will do it, flat is no problem, slice is awesome. the tour 95 ball is more penetrating than the 99s ball. i also have not experienced the string issues w/the tour 95 that people are experiencing w/the 99s. i sometimes even use 18g Gosen OGSM w/the Vortex and get decent life. still, the 99s is a fun racquet to use. personally i would like to lead one up and try again.
Wow!! Thank you !

I'm trying to not prejudge it either.

Lifting the two sticks the Wilson just feels cheap comparing to the tour 95.

I love my vortex but I'm willing to try the steam . I'll string it up shortly and give a review .

I'd love to see your review comparing the two sticks.

By the way vortex is out of stock of the tour 95's. I have a tour 100 if you want to trade ?
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