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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
Thanks for the replies. I got myself a POG 110 (1 stripe). Let's see how it works when it arrives...

gtshark, have you tried the POG OS or only the mid? Can you compare them to the ozone tour? I could use a bigger weight and more solidness on my ozone, but I love the maneuverability and spin. I'm not expecting the pog to be nowhere as fast as the ozone, but hopefully it will pay off with the rest.
I'm only using the mid right now. The Ozone tour doesnt even come close the solid classic feel of the POG. The Ozone tour has been my #1 racquet for about a year now. I have around a dozen newer technology frames that I try from time to time. None give me the same feel or confidence as the POG or the Wilson 6.1 Classic. I prefer a smaller hitting area so the OS isnt a choice for me but I'm thinking you will like the old classic over the Tour. The newer technology string did feel good. So that's the combo I'm going with from here on out...

POG/Wilson PS 6.1 Classic with newer polys/poly hybrids. Went out the other day with the following setups:

POG Mid- Beast XP main/Attack (multi) cross
Wilson PS 6.1 Classic- Prince Poly Experimental main/Gosen Micro cross

No newer frame has been able to match the confidence and game I had with the set setups above. Good luck with the Classic!
Classic racquet with new tech strings
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