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Originally Posted by BalboaNoah View Post
my tour 95 is my Excalibur. though i'm a racketaholic, if i'm super serious about a match i use the tour 95. i'm kind of curious about the Pro 100, but it's not arriving until May.

Hi Gads, here's what the website says, though i immediately added a bunch of weight to the handle, none to the head, no overgrip on mine, so just tweaked until i liked the balance. i haven't taken measurements other than it's about 13.25 oz now:

Length: 27 in.
Weight: 11 ounces unstrung
Balance: 12 pts HL unstrung
Pattern: 14m x 17c
Flex: 70#RA
Beam: 21.5mm straight beam

Gads, i know you've been curious about the tour 95 for a while now. all i can advise is just try one. you might love it, might hate it. you have 30 days to tweak, etc. and if you don't like it just return it and get a refund. Tom the owner is in San Clemente (i think you're in LA?).
That's correct. I for one really like the Steam. A more full feeling Steam sounds lovely.

How's serving? I actually find serving to be the most effortless part of the Steam experience so far.
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