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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Dude, dont ruin another thread with your inability to act civilized. You're going to call out on people's egos when you refused to shake someone's hands, and claimed to be "off your game"? Please, you were one game away from smelling like a bakery shop, you just got owned. If you were competitive but "off your game", the scoreline would have been closer.
I don't understand your interminable desire to misrepresent me. I didn't refuse to shake my opponent's hand; he refused to shake my hand after I simply acknowledged the fact that I was badly off my game and would beat him decisively on a normal day. I am always amazed at the sensitivity of the egos in tennis. I guess people are just afraid of an honest appraisal of a match they win. Me? I don't swing that way.
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