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I have no idea for sure if it is the service or what. In my experience though, I feel like that is key. On verizon I always have a signal. I think possibly the phones get drained searching for signal. If you have verizon but live in a more rural area maybe that is it. If not I have no idea. Honestly I use my phone like crazy, have 3 email accounts set up in it..etc. One thing I would say is that I only push my gmail accounts. Work emails I don't ever push. I'm at 89% right now and have been grinding my phone since 7AM.
Absolutely! The strength of signal is critical to battery life! This is one reason the whole discussion concerning battery life is pretty much moot... varies by phone, user, service, age of device, etc...

That said - I do get the feeling that iPhones have slightly better battery life than Android phones (no idea about Windows or BB devices - but who cares about them!)...

For myself, the ability to replace a battery far out weighs any battery life advantage an iPhone may have
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