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Ok, here's some vids of yesterday's debacle, my first match of the 2013 Spring Season league in the Tennis Fort Lauderdale affiliate of the Tennis League Network. My opponent (in green) is a 3.25 in this league. I'm a 3.0. He won this match 6-0 6-2.

This is about as bad as I can remember ever playing. Very lethargic. I mean there's relaxed (relaxed is good I think), and then there's absurdly relaxed. To call this a lackluster match would be like saying the universe is fairly large. This match could be used as the benchmark for the complete absence of luster -- like a black hole of sorts from which nothing, not even luster (the shiniest of all ... things), could escape.

However, perhaps interestingly, there was no time during this match that I didn't think I could win it. After dropping the first set at love, I started out 2-0 and 40-love in the second set ... and then things went downhill rather quickly for me after that point. Pretty much entirely due to my mental state I think.

I didn't feel too good during the whole thing, and on the brink of going up 3-0 in the second set it suddenly occurred to me that we might have to play a third set. I think that subconsciously I sort of coasted after this point. It's just this sort of cavalier nonchalance stemming from an aversion to physical exertion that I need to change if I'm going to win enough matches to get to a 3.5 rating. I can't blame it on my physical situation. There's always going to be something to deal with.

The first video is of the only winner that I hit during the entire match. A down the line backhand passing shot.
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