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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
Absolutely! The strength of signal is critical to battery life! This is one reason the whole discussion concerning battery life is pretty much moot... varies by phone, user, service, age of device, etc...

That said - I do get the feeling that iPhones have slightly better battery life than Android phones (no idea about Windows or BB devices - but who cares about them!)...

For myself, the ability to replace a battery far out weighs any battery life advantage an iPhone may have
iPhones battery was in fact better than androids. The iPhone doest do "true" multitasking like Android does. They also have pretty underclocked CPU's. iPhones also dont have widgets running in the background along with apps updating themselves.
Though, if you never kept your screw on in your iDevice, swapping batteries i would say makes the iPhone equal to other phones with removable ones. Removing batteries on iPhones were insanely easy and quick to do. It may not be the preferred method to constantly have life in the phone, but it does the job just fine.
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