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Originally Posted by RogueFLIP View Post
I'm curious to know even if you did find information on those numbers, and some possible correlation to knee/ankle angles and gastroc injury, how would you go about using that info for practical real world use?

I don't think it's possible to tell a tennis player, well you should avoid having your knee bent (or straight) at X angle along with your ankle bent (or straight) at Y angle bc there may be a Z% of injuring your gastroc. Like we don't have enough to worry about
That's how I do research, keep collecting whatever is interesting or might be related to the subject. I don't have the answers but asking about forces and knee angles that are known to directly relate - in some way - to the stresses on injured muscles seems a pretty direct approach. It's also very possible that the answers are out there and asking a few hundred readers on a forum might turn up something.
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