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Very cool, Chris. It will be very interesting to see what you think of razor code compared to ruff code, as well as your comparison to the many other strings you have tried. My comparison of black code (my current string) and ruff code is as follows:

spin: better with ruff code by a small amount. i was hooking forehands around my opponent at the net. not sure i ever did this as much with black code. serving was equally effective. I have gotten more spin with tour bite but I don't want that much spin (well most of the time i don't).

comfort: about equal, just a different feel. black code is more dead feeling. great touch and comfort with both strings. black code becomes more stiff feeling and uncomfortable too soon. a comfortable string is important to me so I lean towards softer polys. to me black code has more control.

playability duration: ruff code significantly longer. not sure this is tension maintenance, but ruff code seems to maintain comfort and elasticity significantly longer. I'd say I like the play of black code for 6-8 hours whereas ruff code has been playing well for about 10 hours (the longest I've experienced after many poly tests). This is the primary reason I am preferring ruff code at the moment. combining comfort and long lasting play has been difficult to find, but ruff code seems to be better than others i have tried, though I have only tried one set of ruff code.

After many trials, I am liking the tecnifibre line because of the quality, consistent and relatively long lasting play. I am also considering trying luxilon alu power, kirschbaum pro line, and head sonic pro series strings. However, I am tiring of the testing (mostly budget type strings) and would just like to settle on a reel. I do keep wondering about lux alu power rough...

this comparison is with APD 2013s both strung at 48 lbs (lockout). both strings are 17g. I am a 4.5 player.

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