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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I've read an estimate that, by age 70, 30% of the population will have had meniscus injuries and that most of them don't know it. If true, I guess that percentage would be a lot higher for tennis players.

I don't know if the meniscus sometimes heals or remodels (?) in some way. My meniscus tear from 2011 seems OK - no surgery, saw the Dr, got MRI, stopped tennis for 3 months and worked back into tennis slowly over two months.
Your tear must be minor and in an area that has the correct amount of blood flow to tear. Since they did an MRI, it is clear that is what they saw. Mine was not and was a moderate tear. It was the scope for me. Recovery times are all over the place based on many factors. I was back to work in 3 days and teaching tennis (not playing) in 2 weeks. I did not have to do physical therapy, just follow a list of instructions and exercises. Full recover was about 9 months. I was back playing after 3 months. Light doubles and drilling and coaching/teaching. I was over 50 when I had the scoping so that is about normal for my repair. The bottom line is common sense and backing off when you take it too far. Listen to your body.. don't be stupid. Take care of your knees unless you plan to go full knee replacement. Not fun..
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