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Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
And to add to that, Bjorn turned up in Las Vegas not long after Monte Carlo (April 1982) attempting to qualify for the Alan King Classic and was beaten by Dick Stockton.
I wish the sport's authorities and Bjorn had come to a compromise.
If Bjorn had been allowed to play the seven tournaments he wanted and the French, Wimbledon and US Open, that makes 10 tournaments anyway. Then again, the rules have to be the same for everyone.
As it was and with the rules then, I don't think Bjorn could have won any Grand Slam events in 82 having to qualify. He certainly wasn't in good enough form in match-play in spring 82.
the greatest question mark Borg didnīt enter exclusively WCT tour, which had just broken with Gran Prix and would be glad to acommodate its rules for Borg?

It is a very good answer for those, like myself, that question Borgīs sincerity of intentions.IMO, he just wanted an excuse to leave, thatīs it.If not, heīd have joined Huntīs croop ( Lendl owned that tour with 10 wins including the Spring,Fall and Winter finals)
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