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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Was the location of your meniscus tear that healed close to blood supply?
I don't know.

MRI wording -

"There is some internal degenerate signal within the lateral meniscus as well as a focal partial thickness tear at the posterior root attachment."

Impression: "1. Intermediate-grade, partial thickness tear of the posterior root attachment of the lateral meniscus." .....................

I don't know the blood flow to the "posterior root attachment" of the lateral meniscus.

The Dr thought that it was not so bad and said I could get back to tennis slowly after about two weeks. The joint had suddenly felt out of position in a tennis match and was still feeling bad. I did not want to run as soon as the Dr recommended. The knee soon felt OK except for any running. I took off 3 months and when I started back it was difficult to run and the knee was still not right. I spent a month slowing increasing my running distance on a rubberized track. I then started back to tennis very slowing over 1-2 months. I also requested a posture evaluation for knee & hip alignment issues and received PT.

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