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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
So you're saying just by eliminating wheat during the day time you feel less joint pain and more energetic? And you still get to eat some wheat/bread at dinner?

If so, I think I could do this! Please verify. (And remind me what you eat for breakfast?)

Basically, all it would mean for me is no cheerios or grape nuts for breakfast, as I don't really eat bread or gluten during the day, but do often have some at night (along with some sugar/dessert).
Yes. These are things i eat for breakfast regularly: eggs, yogurt, fruit smoothies, cottage cheese, oatmeal, bananas, sausage. And yes I do eat some pastas for dinner, not much bread anymore, an occasional tortilla/burrito, etc. definitely notice energy level change and less stiffness when I am diligent.
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