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Originally Posted by Brian11785 View Post
TNT Diet is a great book. I am two weeks into the diet/workout plan and, though I have lost virtually no weight (two pounds), have lost over an inch off my waist and am noticeably more toned overall. All with no ill effects or carb cravings. And I love the workout routines. So few exercises work so many muscles.

The most shocking thing is how much energy I have on this diet, considering the only carbs I consume are from vegetables and almond butter. I played (and won) a grueling 2 1/2 hour match last week in 80 degree humid weather with no noticeable changes to my endurance/stamina. There is no way I could've done that on Phase 1 of South Beach.
Great results Brian, i am getting similar results on day 29..Lost 10lbs without any grueling cardio or matches (been injured)..can't wait till i see how the fat burning will help my tennis in a long match in hot weather
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