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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
Great videos, Tom.

I can absolutely say after watching video 3... that 100% of your misses in that video were due to late preparation. So you were either late getting into position and rushing the shot... or you were rushing into position and that caused a mechanics problem.

But in that video, every time you prepared early, you made your shot. It was like clockwork.

I myself am going to try to video a part of my next match so that I can point out the same kind of preparation problems I have sometimes. I just need to try to get a match during the day so that the light will make the video viewable.
I know you're correct mightyrick. The late (lazy) prep and subsequent rushing, or late (lazy) anticipation and subsequent rushing to position before the actual stroke prep is, I think, THE single most important reason why I make SO MANY avoidable, unforced, stupid errors. It's something that I should be able to, and can, I think, get on top of mentally -- and it is a mental thing. Just a matter of staying mindful and focused and practicing it on every stroke until it becomes habit. Easier said than done, but I think it can be done ... even by a relative tennis dunce like myself.

Thanks for your input. By the way, night videos have always turned out ok for me. Have you had a problem with them?
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