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It'll be interesting to see how the premature conclusion to the title race will impact the chase for the CL places.

Spurs play City on the 5th last match day (with United already 5 wins + GD ahead), Arsenal play United on the 4th last match day, and Chelsea play United on the 3rd last match day.

From a gooner's perspective, the perfect situation would be for City to beat United on Monday, so that City still have something to play for against Spurs, and it will mean United won't want to lose at home to Chelsea on the day they are presented the PL trophy (if they beat City, the presentation will probably be at their prior home game against Villa).

Everton are definitely not out of it. They're only around 4 point off the pace (if they and Chelsea win games in hand), and have games against the three teams they are chasing (all away, though).

Berty Martinez and Wigan could well have a say now that they've resumed their championship form, having to play both Spurs and Arsenal.

Shaping up to be exciting to the last, though. Spurs really have to win tomorrow against Everton, seeing as they have City and Chelsea to follow.
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