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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
No, Tour Fit is slightly narrower than retail version on the V9 iD shoes. It is supposed to be the same according to my dealings with NikeiD but has come out marginally narrower. It's like 0.5cm so the difference wont be an issue for most people.

The explanation between width sizes they give on the website is terribly misleading. They refer to the True Fit as being a wider, "standard" fit which implies it would be the equivalent of the standard retail fit. However this is not the case. The Tour Fit is still the closest to the retail version - albeit slightly narrower as I mentioned above.

Their width explanation fyi:
"This tennis shoe is available in a Tour Fit for a secure, locked-down feel on the court, and in a standard True Fit that's slightly wider for extra room."
Thanks for clarifying about the widths. I have played in two pairs of the IDs (both Tour Fit) and two pairs of the retail version. IMHO, the IDs run bigger by a small margin. While I agree that the difference is not huge, I feel that I'm a 10 in the retail, and 9.5 in the IDs.

Your experience may vary...

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