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My amateur observations, if you want to hit a harder ball (e.g. trying to hit an aggressive shot for a winner, putting away a sitter/short ball, etc...):
  • Current stance too open to really get pace, close stance a bit more, slightly closer to neutral
  • More intensity please. Move. Explode. Hit through, not just spin.
  • Hit more in front of your body, less to the side, you're reaching out too far to the right to make contact
  • Attack the ball, take it earlier more in front and get your weight into it
Some examples here (both righties and lefties):

I don't know if this is what you're going for or not (video of you hitting a metre behind the service line). It's not a rally ball, but I just thought it might be something you can add for matchplay when you get the opportunity to really let one rip.

Here's a clip of Gulbis practicing something similar (a bit oldschool and he doesn't catch the racquet in match/point play):
Disclaimer: I'm NOT a coach...
Real tennis:

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